It is advisable to schedule the first visit to the Pediatric Dentist when the first tooth appears and, from the age of 6, despite the fact that the growth of the teeth appears normal at first glance, to assess possible malocclusions. This way it will be possible to make an early assessment of both the position and the bite (occlusion) of the teeth and the growth of the maxillary bones.

Childhood is the ideal time to intervene, since the bones are still very malleable and the teeth move easily. Children’s orthodontics can avoid treatments at older ages that will almost certainly be more complex and also more expensive.

Unless there are serious problems, orthodontic treatment in children begins when the permanent teeth have replaced the baby teeth, which occurs around 11-12 years of age. But there are clinical situations in which the orthodontist may decide to start this type of treatment even when the child still has milk teeth, situations such as open bite, bone asymmetries or crossbite, be it anterior or posterior. These treatments are part of the specialty called Dentomaxillary Orthopedics or Interceptive Orthodontics.


Dental appliances for children can be fixed or removable, depending on the goals of treatment. Fixed appliances are attached to the teeth and the best known are braces for children. Removable appliances are usually made of acrylic materials and are attached to the molars by metal hooks and retainers. They are used to correct very specific alterations and their success is completely related to the time of use.


Interceptive Orthodontics consists of the use of dental appliances to correct the jaw or maxilla in children, stimulating their growth in a specific way. It is a type of orthodontics that cannot be used in adults, since it guides the growth or corrects the development of the bones (upper jaw or mandible), therefore it is successful when performed at an early age.
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