Orthodontic treatment restores the oral balance by correcting defects and irregularities in the position of the teeth, restoring the health and smile, improving the image and self – esteem of the patient. Orthodontic treatment corrects problems such as dental crowding, narrow palate , overbite, open bite, dental spaces or crossbite, among others. At Bruno Negri Integral Dental Clinic we offer the most advanced and cutting edge orthodontic treatments for all ages. The great professionalism and experience of the orthodontic team allows us to offer completely personalized solutions adapted to each situation. Orthodontic treatment in children and adults must be studied and planned according to personal needs and preferences. Currently there are different types of orthodontic treatments and dental appliances from the most aesthetic , such as invisible aligners to the traditional metallic , ceramic or sapphire dental appliance ( braces ).


Orthodontics is a dental specialty that is responsible for correcting incorrectly positioned teeth and maxillary bones , in order to restore the morphological and functional balance of the mouth and face , also improving the facial aesthetic . The goal of orthodontics is to normalize the occlusion of the upper and lower teeth , by correcting functional chewing disorders.

The orthodontist , who is the specialized dentist , makes a diagnosis based on a complete clinical examination with x – rays , photographs and digital impressions of the patient’s oral cavity . Based on the results of that study , a treatment plan will be developed that fits your needs


Orthodontic treatments have evolved in recent years with new materials and technologies , offering solutions that adapt to each problem . Orthodontic treatments with metal braces , sapphire orthodontic treatments with ceramic or resin materials , offer durability and functionality.

These orthodontic treatments meet the requirements of the most demanding and complex orthodontic cases. Invisible aligners is one of the most used orthodontic treatments by adults due to three great advantages : they are almost invisible, they are very comfortable , they allow better cleaning of the teeth and they do not require continuous aligner revision . They are suitable for medium or mild corrective problems . They are also increasingly used in complex cases in combination with elastics or orthodontic micro – screws


When a patient needs to correct the position of their teeth or improve the mandibular occlusion , the first thing that arises is the price of the treatment , how much the braces cost or if the price of invisible aligners suits their budget .

The cost of each option is different and although the price is a determining factor, to opt for one or the other , we have to assess that the advantages and benefits that the orthodontic treatment will bring to your oral health outweigh the economic cost .

In addition, at Bruno Negri Integral Dental Clinic we offer you payment and financing facilities so that the orthodontic treatment prices are not an obstacle for you . 


We can see the change in the smile of our patients before and after the orthodontic treatment . A treatment that in a short period of time considerably improves the health , image and self – esteem of our patients . Results that speak for themselves.

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