We believe that the best way to provide a Comprehensive and Personalized Service is to approach treatments in a multidisciplinary way, in which a team of professionals coordinated by Dr. Bruno Negri will offer you aesthetic, functional, predictable, and painless treatments.

Our continuous training and our work at the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry of Murcia and Valencia, in the area of teaching and research, allow us to always offer you the most innovative techniques currently available.

We care about achieving the best smile for our patients and we understand that human quality and scientific rigor are essential when developing a personalized treatment plan.

We believe in the importance of a healthy mouth, which is why our priority is to ensure your dental health in all of our implantology, endodontic, aesthetic dentistry, periodontic, prosthetic and orthodontic treatments.


Our clinic was born in Pilar de la Horadada in April 2006. An initially small clinic model, with one doctor and an assistant, but with future growth projections in the medium term.

In 16 years, it has exponentially grown in facilities, specialties, team and services, always betting on innovation, technology, research and continuous training in the field of dentistry.

Today, it is made up of a multidisciplinary team with 17 members that includes different dentistry specialists.

Dr. Bruno Negri Integral Dental Clinic represents a reference center at regional and national level. The team of doctors, hygienists, assistants and administration staff work daily on a comprehensive view of the patient, aiming to ensure your health, functionality, and dental aesthetics, offering dental treatments with high ethical and quality standards in all services and levels.


Our passion in action

We believe in the power of a healthy smile and mouth, which drives us to being and doing the best in dentistry. We unite innovation and excellence to approach all types of dental treatments, with a multidisciplinary apporoach. The passion put into our jobs can be seen in the results of our treatments and, above all, in the satisfaction of our patients.

Return the smile to all our patients
Based on human quality, scientific rigor and innovation, our focus on the patient and their needs is constant, from the simplest solutions to highly complex rehabilitations, if you need a dental treatment, we are here for you.

We drive our team. We empower possibilities.
We transform the concept of dentistry to develop something completely new, creating a culture of teamwork, permanent training, continuous improvement and dentistry of the highest quality.


Work tirelessly to maintain the oral health, improve the aesthetics, restore the function and promote the quality of life of thousands of people in Pilar de la Horadada, Alicante, Murcia, Spain, and throughout Europe. We want to be the dental clinic chosen by the people of our community.


  • Our 3 fundamental pilars are Honesty, Trust, and Professional Responsibility.
  • We look towards the path of excellence in what we do.
  • We believe that it is essential to carry out our work with professionalism, high scientific rigor, state-of-the-art technology and innovation.
  • We are commited to the continuous training of all the members of our professional team, which helps us to always be informed of the latest scientific advances, devolpments, and technologies applied to dentistry.
  • We listen to our patients Their demands and needs are the top priority.
  • We offer personalized attention: each and every one of our patients is unique.
  • We offer responsable dentistry based on offering treatments with a meticulous prior diagnosis and individualized study of each case.
  • Commitment to what we do: we work tirelessly to acheive the highest quality in our treatments and a high level of satisfaction from our patients. We want your experience at our clinic to be different.


Dr. Bruno Negri is the Director of our clinic and responsable for all medical areas. He is a specialist in implants, oral surgery, dental aesthetics and periodontics.

He graduated in Argentina, at the Faculty of Dentistry of La Plata in December 2002 and homologated his Bachelor´s Degree in Dentistry at the University of Granada in December 2005.

After finishing the VI Master´s Degree in implantology and Biomaterials at the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry of Murcia (2007-09) for which he received the award for Best Postgraduate Student at the University of Murcia, he presented his Doctoral Thesis for which he obtained the qualification of Outstanding Cum Laude with European Mention in February 2012. He was also awarded, along with his research team, the Prize of the Royal Aacademy of Medicine and Surgery of Murcia in 2011 and 2012. He completed the Course in Advanced Periodontology of the Madrid Complutense University in December 2013.

He has attended and participated in courses and conferences of different specialties as part of his additional training. He is a member of the Spanish Society of Periodontics and Osseointegration (SEPA) and of the Spanish Society of Stomatological and Aesthetic Prosthetics (SEPES) and the author of more than 32 scientific articles in journals with with impact index (JCRC) in Implantology, Biomaterials, Bone Regeneration and Periodontics.

He was an Associate Professor of the Master of the Integrated Adult Clinic and of the Master´s Degree of Implantology, Biomaterials, and Oral Rehabilitation of the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry of The University of Murcia. He was also the Director of the Modular Course ”Fundamentals of Gingival Aesthetics: Teeth and Implants” for two years, given at the College of Dentistry of the Region of Murcia.

He is currently Professor and Co-director of the Master’s Degree in Mucogingival, Periodontal and Implant Surgery at the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry of the University of Murcia and Visiting Professor at the University of Valencia (UV), European University of Valencia (UEV), University of Alfonso X El Sabio de Madrid (UAX), Distance-Learning University of Madrid (UDIMA), Complutense University of Madrid (UCM), Rey Juan Carlos University (URJC), International University of Catalonia UIC. Barcelona, and Advanced Postgraduate Institute in Implantology (IPAO) of Madrid.


We have a team of dental professionals, coordinated by Dr. Bruno Negri, highly specialized in oral surgery, implantology, periodontics, orthodontics, endodontics, dental aesthetics, prosthetics and prevention, that work in a combined way to plan the best treatment that suits you. The combination of knowledge of each dental specialty is the key to improve your smile both aesthetically and functionally. Each member of our team has been selected for their academic and scientific qualifications, and for their individuality. Knowledge and continuous training are an essential part of our daily clinical work.

Dr. bruno negri

Clinical Director
Doctor in Dentistry, Oral Surgery,
Implantology and Periodontics

Patricia Pérez



Patient care

Lola pérez

Patient care


Dental Hygienist


Dental Hygienist


Dental Hygienist


Clinical Assistant

Dr. Victoria Maciá

Expert in Orthodontics and
Dental Orthopedics

Dr. Laura López

Expert in Pediatric Dentistry and
Restorative Dentistry

Dr. Juan Antonio García

Expert in Endodontics

Dr. Rosario Martínez

Expert in Periodontics and Restorative Dentistry

Dr. Gemma Vicente

Expert in Aesthetic Dentistry

DR. Ana Mellado

Doctor in Dentistry
Prosthetics Expert


Demand the impossible: In a world with limited resources, we use less to give you much more.

We strive every day to ask less of the planet. Climate change is an indisputable reality, the Earth’s resources will not last forever and health services must be assured, for those who receive them and for those who provide them. Instead of questioning these facts, we challenge ourselves to see what we can do about them in every facet of our daily clinical work. All the cleaning, disinfection and sterilization products we use are environmentally friendly and biodegradable. The collection of critical material and pathological waste is carried out by certified companies according to the regulations of the Valencian Community.

We go beyond the limits of innovation for sustainable performance

Just as our patients demand quality care from us, we also demand more of ourselves, which is why we design our treatments using only what is necessary to offer a unique experience. Because every drop of energy, every milligram of material, and every fraction of a second matters.

Innovation for sustainable performance

Sustainable innovation is a catalyst for revolutionizing the way we work and an opportunity that has been embedded in our clinic’s policies, processes and products. We innovate in solutions that benefit our patients, collaborating companies and beloved town.


Dr. Bruno Negri had the opportunity to be part of a medical-health aid project in the summer of 2016, he traveled to Gambia (Africa), hand in hand with the NGO “Siente Gambia”, to offer dental care in solidarity in various populations of the African country.

Dr. Negri collaborated in the medical center of the Canarias-Lamín School created by the NGO Aseda Gambia and in the Kantora Hospital, which is located 140 km inland from the country and was set up by the NGO Adavi. In addition, he participated in the purchase and distribution of food to numerous families.

Dr. Bruno Negri Integral Dental Clinic has been collaborating for 4 years in the donation of various medical-sanitary material.
The NGO “Siente Gambia” organizes every year, in the summer time, an exclusively health-related trip, in which doctors, nurses, dentists from all over Spain collaborate, to offer health care in all medical clinics and hospitals in the African country. Most of these medical centers only open when there are volunteers and they have practically nothing, it is the NGO and the volunteers who carry in their travel bags the medicines and materials that are necessary for assistance, which they bring from all the donations and collaborations received during the year in Spain.