At Bruno Negri Integral Dental Clinic we take care of your oral health in a multidisciplinary way, with professionalism, cutting-edge technology and personalized attention. We provide solutions to your cavity problems, gum treatments, functional and aesthetic dental surgery, with a work philosophy based on honesty and the concept of minimally invasive dentistry, which make our dental clinic the best option.

Our team of nearby and accessible dentists will explain to you, as clearly as possible, the different steps to take in each treatment, because taking care of your mouth improves your health and well-being. Our more than 20 years of experience in successful treatments, our expert staff and, above all, the opinions of our patients, are our best business card.

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Dentistry is the medical specialty dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of pathologies related to the mouth, teeth, gums and other related structures. The dentist is in charge of this, he is the one who makes the first diagnosis of the patient and, once the treatment plan has been delivered, each treatment is carried out with the most appropriate specialist.

Within dentistry we have different branches or specialties:

Conservative dentistry restores damaged, fractured or worn teeth due to any type of pathology or trauma. In the case of teeth damaged by cavities, the dentist works with local anesthesia to remove the damaged tissues, creating a therapeutic cavity that is later filled with special materials, restoring the anatomical and functional integrity of the dental tissues.

Using restorative dentistry treatments, our team of dentists stop the progression of a cavity/cavities and prevent the destruction of the tooth or its permanent loss, allowing the tooth to return to its shape and function.

The aesthetic dentistry that we perform in our dental clinic using highly biocompatible materials such as composite resins known as “white fillings” or composites, as well as glass ionomer cements that remineralize and strengthen the tooth structure.

Preventive dentistry is the best way to enjoy a healthy mouth and teeth. It highlights the importance of hygiene and habits such as proper brushing that prevent the appearance of early cavities in the case of pediatric dentistry, which treats the oral health of children.

A check-up is recommended every six months to detect malocclusions, fissures or possible diseases in time, that are minimized with an early diagnosis.