Oral problems such as swollen gums, bleeding gums or receding gums may signal the onset of periodontal disease, which can start without pain, or with a mild infection in the mouth and later progress to tooth loss. This is why early diagnosis is important to prevent or stop periodontal disease. If you have pain or wounds in your gums, visit us and a periodontist from Bruno Negri Integral Dental Clinic will advise you on the best treatment to follow. At Bruno Negri Integral Dental Clinic we carry out various treatments to control mouth infections and periodontal diseases. We deal with the elimination of periodontal pockets and other gum diseases. In addition, we carry out regenerative procedures of the gum and bone and periodontal plastic surgery operations for aesthetic purposes such as gum grafting and treatment of recessions.


Periodonticsis a dental specialty that deals with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the tissues that support the teeth (gums, periodontal ligament, root cement and bone). In the case of dental implants, it ensures the maintenance of the health of the surrounding tissues (peri-implant tissues). Among the most common periodontal diseases we can highlight gingivitisand periodontitis. In gingivitisthe soft tissues are affected, while in periodontitis(also known as pyorrhea) there is an infection of the bone, periodontal ligament and root cementum that can cause tooth loss.


Gingivitisis a reversible inflammatory disease of bacterial origin that causes inflammation and bleeding of the gums. Its detection and treatment can prevent the occurrence of other more serious periodontal diseases, such as pyorrheaor periodontitis. Its main cause is the bacterial flora and genetic predisposition can influence its appearance. Although it is generally associated with poor oral hygiene, it can also be due to other factors such as stress, the use of tobacco, alcohol or certain medications, hormonal changes or a systemic disease such as diabetes.


It must be taken into account that this is a reversible pathology, so early detection is keyto curing gingivitis. The treatment of mild gingivitis consists of a cleaning carried out by a professional in which all the deposits of tartar and bacterial plaque that are found along the gums and on the interdental surfaces are eliminated. Afterwards, the stains on the surface of the teeth will be removed and then the teeth will be treated with fluoride to strengthen the tooth enamel. In more severe cases, gingivitis treatments may require antibiotics to stop the infection or scaling and root planing to remove tartar using hand tools (curettes), ultrasonic devices, or lasers.


When more serious symptoms of gum infection appear, such as receding gums or movement of teeth that can lead to the loss of teeth, we speak of periodontitis. Pyorrhea or chronic periodontitis can be controlled with specific treatments. Depending on the phase and state of the disease, the periodontal treatment could be one or another. In cases of advanced periodontitis, there is a loss of tooth support that is necessary and fundamental for the support of the current tooth or a future implant.


The treatment of periodontitis ranges from scaling and root planing (curettage) or the use of antibiotics to reduce infection, to more complex treatments, such as periodontal surgery, which allow a deeper and more effective cleaning of the gums. As a complementary treatment to surgery at Bruno Negri Integral Dental Clinic, we perform periodontal regeneration procedures such as guided tissue regeneration, which consists of placing a special membrane between the gum and the bone that favors the growth of the bone that was lost due to periodontitis in very specific situations.